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We’re calling this a revolution. 

Intent-Based Leadership (IBL) is fundamentally different at its core. Challenging the traditional leader-follower model.

It’s a complete shift in leadership philosophy.

Dr. Stephen Covey, Sr., said, “I don't know of a finer model of this kind of empowering leadership”.

Imagine a workplace where…

“I’ve got new ideas, new tools and new strategies. New approaches to address existing problems.”

In This Open Course
In this open course participants can expect highly interactive, fast-paced and community-led workshops focusing on real issues specific to your leadership challenges. Each of the 8 workshops in the series will provide a mix of discussion, exploration, innovation, polling and gamification. You will leave each workshop with something new – language, tools and techniques – you can try in your very next meeting.  There’s further support in the form of self-directed e-learning and open surgeries.

By attending this programme, you can not only get more out of who you are as a leader.  You can also take IBL back into your organisation to instigate change more broadly.


"This course was different to any others. It made me really take a step back and re-evaluate my leadership style."

As a result of attending this Intent-Based Leadership Open Course participants will benefit from:

“I’ve been able to grow my team and myself like I never thought was possible.”

2022 Dates, Times & Prices: 
The IBL Open Course runs as a series of 8 remotely delivered, live workshop sessions  Break for Year End

The total cost of the course including all materials is £1650.00

Who should take part? 
Our main focus is to support leaders and managers to rethink leadership, enhance their self-awareness and create leaders at all levels back in their organisations.  You could be the most senior leader in your organisation or a first-time manager who’s still transitioning into the role.  The course is also aimed at senior individual contributors who are technical leaders within their organisation, knowledge experts who shape and define strategy and direction in their organisation.

The course will be delivered in English.

This programme will be delivered by our IBL Pioneer, Kate Carmichael.  Kate was instrumental in setting up our IBL offering and has been working with David Marquet and Intent-Based Leadership since 2016. A dual UK/US citizen, Kate’s been bringing IBL to life in a wide variety of organisations, from small UK charities, to regional public sectors, and to global publicly-traded companies.

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Join our Revolution