Top tips for a healthy workplace culture

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Collaborate to reach a common goal

Organisations benefit from people working together towards clear goals.

Have inspirational and trusted leaders

Good leadership promotes positive attitudes, cross-team working and better service.

Create an open-minded culture

Your employees understand your business and are able to suggest and deliver creative responses to challenges. Consult your team to encourage engagement.

Be positive about change

A static culture can be bad for business. Make sure that all internal communications emphasise the value of positive change.

Encourage face-to-face communication

Encourage office-based employees to get up and speak to each other rather than just sending emails. Sitting for long periods causes increased health risks and interacting with others boosts immunity, increases mental wellbeing and improves working relationships.

Set up a wellbeing committee

Ask for volunteers to promote initiatives, champion wellbeing and encourage others to get involved.

Encourage development

Support employee training to keep your team motivated and interested in their current and future roles within the organisation.

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