Managing stress in the workplace

It is essential that line managers can spot the signs of stress, minimise it and help their team manage individual pressure points.

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Process planning and organisation

Always be aware of workloads and plan ahead to keep them manageable

Empower and trust your team

If you want people to feel respected and valued, give them responsibility

Develop skills

Support and encourage your team to develop themselves and their skills

Make yourself available

Have regular contact with your team and let them know they can come to you for support.

Manage conflict

Prevent bullying by dealing with incidents immediately. Resolve conflicts fairly and justly.

Manage your emotions

Remain calm under pressure. Understand the need for different management styles and see team members as individuals with different lifestyles, needs and stress levels.


Keep your team updated. Communicate goals and objectives and explain how they relate to the organisation’s overall aims. Listen to individual viewpoints and consult with the team on matters that affect them and their jobs.

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