How do I continue to improve?

Continuous improvement or kaizen is a business improvement technique that transformed Japanese factories in the 1970s. Kaizen, literally ‘good change’, was applied to tackle inefficiency and waste in the production process.

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1. Identify the issue

What do you want to fix? Continuous improvement usually involves incremental change but the approach can also be used to manage a larger issue.

2. Write it down

Define and record your priorities.

3. Align with your organisation’s values, vision and strategy

Make sure that the proposed change fits with your business strategy and core values. Core values drive behaviours and can be used to support change.

4. What do you need to start doing, stop doing or do differently?

While some processes can be improved upon, some need to be removed altogether. Decide where you need to apply the change and how you will tailor the solution for your organisation.

5. Delegate

Make sure that that the leadership team supports the change and nominate a person or team to help drive the change.

6. Communicate

Share as much information as possible about the change and its benefits. Clear, regular updates help to manage expectations.

7. Start small

Break the change up into a series of small goals that are easier to implement and monitor. Show progress and only move on to the next goal when you are ready. Be aware that needs change over time so make sure plans are flexible enough to accommodate potential alterations.

8. Get feedback

Ask for feedback from the people closest to the change to identify issues, inefficiencies and also potential solutions. Encourage an open discussion to manage concerns.

9. Monitor

Measure the impact of the change on overall performance.

10. Make sure the change sticks

Continuous improvement involves a culture change which, to be successful, has to be adopted by everyone in your organisation.

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