Webhelp is a 40,000 people-strong global leader in business process outsourcing. They are a dedicated customer relationship management organisation with an ambition to provide their customers with the very best multichannel experience.

Their management team share an entrepreneurial drive to push the company forward; achieve new growth across all of their markets and differentiate themselves from the competition.

Webhelp were interested to find out how their leadership team could stretch themselves with Intent-Based Leadership in terms of thinking and enthusiasm to support the wider organisational plan going forward.

Read on to discover more about about their Intent-Based Leadership experience at its outcomes...

Raising the Bar

Through a co-creative approach with the Team at Remarkable, the first line solution to introduce Intent-Based Leadership (IBL) to Webhelp was a 2-day residential workshop – Raising the Bar. The aim of the away days was to create a new way of thinking about leadership and challenge the management team to consider their own leadership style and approach through the lens of IBL. 

The conference development included the use of IBL as a building block from previous Raising the Bar sessions, Franklin Covey’s 4 Disciplines of Execution, take away tools for immediate implementation, new process design ensuring the decision making authority is where the information sits and much more. The delivery style was participative and engaging and included demos, the IBL principles, games, reflection, team activities, mindfulness sessions and coaching practice.

To appreciate and fully understand the context of Webhelp’s business Remarkable created a short survey for the delegate team in advance of the away days, and these findings helped inform the final delivery and content design of the workshops. Remarkable and Webhelp also explored a range of topics with questions similar to the following being raised: How do you feel as individuals the organisation treats you in terms of IBL/psychological safety? Do you feel you are managed by Intent and what could you do as a manager to improve this?  Do you feel able to speak up and do you create the environment to encourage this?

The Raising the Bar conference provided the team with the tools to start implementing Intent-Based Leadership and helped them to understand the opportunities and involvement that are likely to arise. Through the IBL approach Webhelp had the opportunity to tune competence, clarity and control to deliver the best outcome and impact in a safe environment.

Raising the Bar Conference

A key focus was supporting the full cognitive and emotional participation of every member of the team to create leaders at every level and explore how safe the team felt to speak up and what more could be done to create a psychologically safe culture.

As a result of the conference, Webhelp delegates:  

Attendee quotes include:

“I feel I can use this (IBL) to monitor myself and more importantly it is a great tool to identify where your direct reports are - this in turn will help me develop them further by aiming to bring them up the Ladder (of Leadership)”

“I can help others to become the next generation of leaders”

After the IBL introduction the Leadership Team were engaged and committed to the principles and understand the potential of Intent-Based Leadership. Remarkable believes that the Intent-Based Leadership model can help Webhelp deliver a service that can outperform expectations, in the context of a highly commercial environment where delivering at optimum levels effectively is the norm. 

Are you ready to revolutionise your workplace and create #LeadersAtEveryLevel?