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VisitScotland, the National Tourism Organisation for Scotland, have used Investors in Young People to validate and improve on their youth employment practices.

VisitScotland is the National Tourism Organisation for Scotland specialising in Marketing, Partnerships, Events and Customer Support. 

There are a variety of routes for young people to secure roles or work experience within VisitScotland to include work placements, internships, graduate placements, modern apprenticeships, career ready mentoring and direct school interactions. They also recruit students on seasonal contracts with many returning year after year “offering an invaluable pipeline of talent”.

They employ up to 6 modern apprentices, 6 graduates and 6 Career Ready mentors per year.


Having Remarkable recognition makes us an employer of choice for young people Andrew Cunningham, Learning and Organisation Development Manager
Talking to Andrew Cunningham, VisitScotland’s Learning and Organisation Development Manager, about their work with young people and their Investors in Young People (IIYP) experience, he tells us:
Used the IIYP framework and its key themes to base their youth employment strategy IIYP "provided an external set of eyes and experts to properly benchmark youth employment practices" Through IIYP, have linked their performance management to overall business vision

What attracted VisitScotland to working with IIYP?

"Before assessment, we used the IIYP framework and its key themes of attraction and recruitment, support and development, and retention of young people to base our youth employment strategy. We then implemented programmes off the back of the three key themes. The youth employment strategy gave our work with young people credibility and tangible outcomes.

Thereafter, IIYP provided an external set of eyes and experts to properly benchmark our youth employment practices, measuring our efforts against similar organisations and the framework itself".

What has been the main impact of undertaking IIYP assessment?

"The benchmarking has been fantastic.  The recognition of achieving Gold status has given our organisation a real confidence boost and has completely changed the way in which we see our interactions with young people.  IIYP has been the catalyst for change; no longer is employing young people seen as just something we do but it is now seen as a real value add activity for not just VisitScotland but for the individuals themselves and the Line Managers supporting them.  

A real tangible example of this is that we now have a team of 30+ employees who have put themselves forward to work directly with Schools on presentations and workshops to support young peoples’ knowledge of the workplace.  Our Education Liaison team have taken full responsibility for leading engagements within their local area, and have undergone training to support them in presenting to young audiences.  This would never have happened pre-IIYP".

Through IIYP, VisitScotland have also linked their performance management to overall business vision, and have made “shorter, more simplified processes” inclusive of a focus on talent management to accelerate development.

Their interview process has also become more inclusive which reflects a move away from competency based interviews to team based assessments, giving young people an opportunity to demonstrate their abilities.

VisitScotland are now seen as “market leaders in the public sector” in terms of their youth employment strategy, and have advised additional public sector organisations on their youth employment practices.

What do you hope the long term impact of recruiting young people will be for the business?

"We very much see our recruitment of young people as an integral part of our Talent Pipeline bring in new energy, new ideas, and more effective Digital skills.  Our investment in young people will accelerate our standing as an organisation on the cutting edge of Marketing and Events.

Having IIYP recognition makes us an employer of choice for young people starting out in their careers".

Become an Employer of Choice for Young People