Stobo Castle Health Spa

For over 22 years, Remarkable has worked with Stobo Castle Health Spa, supporting them to put their people at the heart of their business, leading to year-on-year increases in occupancy rates and consistently positive TripAdvisor reviews. Core to the business is continuous investment in both as staff training and health and wellbeing, as well as guest facilities and accommodation. The business is both Investors in People platinum accredited - the only business in the Scottish hotel sector to achieve this - and Investors in Young People gold accredited.
Stobo Castle is Scotland’s only destination spa. Nestled among the beautiful Scottish Borders countryside, it offers excellent service, fine food, superbly trained staff and above all, the ability to find peace in a frenetic world. Owned and managed by the Winyard family for over 40 years, Stobo Castle offers over 100 different treatments.

Wanting to get the best from their employees and successfully deliver their company’s goals and values, Stobo Castle began working with us to introduce a structured approach to their organisation; because as a small family-owned business undergoing rapid expansion, they wanted guidance to help establish foundations for a successful future and become the best destination spa. Initially wanting to test resilience and capability across the business the structure of the Investors in People accreditation was ideal and its disciplines easy to establish within the business.

These Investors in People disciplines generated a transformation and significant results in several areas – increased openness and transparency among all staff, the creation of a Vision, of Stobo’s core Values and the development of the Stobo Promise. In addition, regular team meetings were introduced, as were appraisals and continuous learning and development. People received greater clarity about their roles and decision making was encouraged at all levels of the business. The Investors in People process also improved communication throughout the business, stretched its imagination and improved Stobo’s Reward and Recognition strategy. 

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Stobo Castle has also achieved the Investors in Young People gold award. Keen to address the challenges of talent retention, increasing the appeal of the business to ensure succession planning, ensuring stretch and challenge for young people in areas of the business with limited career progression and thinking creatively about transport and location challenges for a younger workforce, all these considerations led Stobo to pursue Investors in Young People, achieving gold in 2018.

“Our focus on young people is key for us”, says Debra Hogan (Spa Director)  “We really encourage their innovation and involve them in decision making across the business. We have adapted our interview process to make it feel less intimidating and unfamiliar and we provide plenty of additional support for our young staff to encourage their strengths, such as fresh ideas and resourceful attitude”

The impact of these awards has been terrific. Stobo Castle has seen improved guest feedback, an increase in repeat clients, happy and content staff and a successful and growing business year on year. They are increasingly able to attract and retain vital talent to the business and there are several very long-serving members of staff.

“We now make sure that staff achieve their true potential working at Stobo. Employees know that they have the opportunity to have their say and their input is greatly valued” says Yvonne Cowan (Accounts Director)

And going forward, Stobo is very keen to continue to be an employer of choice in the local area, increase turnover and profitability year on year and maintain its position as the best spa in the UK.

"We are very proud of our Investors in People and Investors in Young People awards; they demonstrate to each and every one of our staff and guests the commitment we have to ensure our employees are all empowered and motivated to provide the ultimate customer experience", says Elliott Winyard (Managing Director)

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