Stobo Castle Health Spa

For over 21 years, Remarkable has supported Stobo Castle to put their people at the heart of their business, leading to a year-on-year increase in occupancy whilst their TripAdvisor reviews are consistently positive.
Read on to discover more from Alexis Greaves, Accounts Director, about the luxury health spa's Remarkable journey which has supported such fantastic results.
Why did you get involved with Remarkable?

"We got involved with Remarkable over 21 years ago. We felt that Remarkable, and the Investors in People framework, could support us to develop a diverse and talented workforce and help us get the best from our employees in a bid to successfully deliver our goals and values". 

What challenges did you face and how did your Remarkable Specialist help?

"As a successful small family-owned business, we quickly expanded and recognised the need to clearly identify our employees' needs as well as those of our guests in order to continue to grow.

Remarkable supported us to invest in the training and development of our team members and set structured career paths. Our commitment to our people and their careers motivates them and encourages high performance.

Remarkable have also supported us to introduce the 'Stobo Promise' which outlines the company's goals and provides clear guidance on a code of conduct. This encourages the team to perform well and make consistent decisions in line with our objectives and values".  

What results or improvements have you seen since you began to work with Remarkable?

"We have seen a host of improvements! Communication throughout the organisation has improved, enabling us to successfully work together to provide an enhanced customer experience. The introduction of a culture of continuous improvement keeps us abreast of market trends and ensures all of our staff are innovative in their roles.

All of this has lead to occupancy increasing year-on-year whilst our TripAdvisor reviews are consistently positive".

What do your Investors in People and Investors in Young People awards mean to Stobo Castle?

"We are very proud of our Investors in People and Investors in Young People awards; they demonstrate to each and every one of our staff and guests the commitment we have to ensuring our employees are all empowered and motivated to provide the ultimate customer experience".

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