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Producing a fish that is judged to be superior in taste, quality, colour and perception, Loch Duart know what it takes to produce an outstanding product.
“Our farming methods are labour intensive, and as such, the creation of long term skilled employment and the retention of meaningful and rewarding jobs in our remote rural communities is key to our success” Mark Woods, Production Director at Loch Duart tells us.

Loch Duart actively sought out the areas in which they needed to improve and have been working with IIP since 2003.

“The link between the senior management team and the site operations was weak. Managers were not fully conveying the vision, values, strategic priorities and operational targets to their staff. What the senior management team understood to be happening at site level was not necessarily the reality. That’s when we introduced Investors In People” says Mark.
Photo: Loch Duart
Our Specialist understands our business and this has been critical in bringing exceptional value to us in her advisory role Mark Woods, Production Director
“We first achieved the Standard in 2003.” Mark explains. “Reviews have helped us to develop and maintain a focus on key personnel issues, including a comprehensive training and competence assurance matrix, key performance indicators and individual personal development plans for all our staff. Our managers use these tools to motivate and drive performance improvement.” Moreover, “The presence of an external body has been important in promoting free thinking and allowing our managers to clearly see their own management responsibilities. As a result improved performance is being driven by our staff understanding the business as a whole, and ensuring that they, as individuals, influence their part within it.”

Creation of skilled employment and the retention of rewarding jobs in a remote rural community is key to success. Have been IIP Accredited since 2003 and have extensively utilised IIP advisory services. Currently undertaking a leadership skills programme designed by IIP.
Loch Duart have been working closely with their IIP Specialist in an advisory capacity as well as being IIP Accredited.

Mark Woods explains why they have decided to use both, “Accreditation brings and maintains focus, while the advisory services have given a platform to discuss issues in more detail, define a strategy and follow up with appropriate actions.”

“In a perfect world, we see the business as having a strong positive culture where everyone understands the vision, values, strategic priorities and operational targets of the business and are self-motivated and target orientated. We see IIP assisting us in driving initiatives such as the leadership skills programme which will be key in helping us achieve our goals.

“In order for us to get there we require well targeted training to provide individuals with the skills necessary to maximise their performance and a commitment at all levels to follow through actions identified to create a more cohesive team approach to the business.”

Mark concludes by telling us the overall effect that the advisory services have had on the business.

“The advisory services have assisted the senior management team to recognise their shortfalls in terms of robust regular communication with middle managers. It has assisted the middle managers by ingraining them within the business, and further recognises what is expected of them.

“Our IIP Specialist has worked with Loch Duart for many years, she understands our business and this has been critical in bringing exceptional value to us in her advisory role.”

IIP Specialist Irene MacDonald commented “The need and benefits from the Loch Duart Leadership & Management Programme were identified as part of the IIP Assessment. I agreed the programme both with the client and their Highlands and Islands Enterprise Account Manager. The programme was supported by HIE and fully embraced by the client and I am now delighted that we are witnessing such a degree of impact on individuals, teams and the company”

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