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In a period of rapid expansion, translation company Global Voices is reviewing its business process to improve its efficiency and performance.

Luigi Koechlin started Global Voices 10 years ago when he identified a growing market for high quality translation services backed up by excellent customer service.

Over the last four years, high demand for services means that the company is growing at a rate of over 60% year on year, making it the second fastest growing translation company in the UK. It is expanding into new markets and now works with global companies that spend £300,000 - £400,000 a year on translation services.

Remarkable is supporting the company as it streamlines its internal processes to make sure that the right team and infrastructure are in place to grow in an efficient way.

We used Remarkable to measure how we are doing and use the recommendations to improve the company Luigi Koechlin, Managing Director

Its staff are the key to Global Voices’ commercial success. The company is keen to develop its workforce and makes time to discuss not just their progress but also their career aspirations and how best to align these with business goals.

Organisational culture is also very important. Company values are displayed on the walls as a daily reminder and away days help the team to get to know each other better. Everyone gets the chance to vote for the Employee of the Month and there’s a suggestion box where staff also decide which ideas should be implemented.

Growing over 60% year on year Plans to employing additional 12 people in next three years 2nd fastest growing translation company in the UK

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