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Anne-Marie Hamill 'The business was established 14 years ago in 2000 and is based in Livingston. Very quickly we established that we wanted some form of qualitative accreditation rather than quantitative accreditation. What we were doing with the team was that we were growing very quickly within that first two years, going from 3-4 people up to 13-14. We recognised that the providers of our service was where we needed to invest in. We have people that deliver the service to the customer so it was important that we looked for something that would help us to develop our main asset and that was IIP."
Anne-Marie "The reason that we chose to work with IIP in 2002 was that the challenges we faced within the business were people challenges. It was about getting people developed really quickly so that they could work with clients with a very strong customer service and delivery focus. We had limited resources within the business to spend on people so it was about trying to accelerate the development of the folk within the organisation. We've always been a business that wanted to grow and we needed it to grow, and we didn't have the expertise to do that internally. IIP was a great way of understanding many of those processes that underpin good development of people. IIP has been a fantastic foundation for some of the more certificated work that we've done on top of that."

Mark Mackill "IIP has given us a framework and an external measurement that underpins the culture of our business. We've been through a fairly major change programme within the last 12 months that has all been geared around things that would lend themselves to retaining the IIP accreditation. That wasn't the motivation however. the motivation was actually because that's the type of culture we have. We have an IIP Specialist that comes in and assesses us every three years - and moving forward on an 18 month basis - where we'll say 'well. we think we're getting it right, but come in and speak to our staff in a neutral setting, and get the true picture from them' then that absolutely ties in with what the business is saying which is a good measure for us."
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IIP has given us a framework and an external measurement that underpins the culture of our business. Mark Mackill, Director
Mark "One of the things that initially attracted me to the company when I joined six years ago was the company's desire to differentiate themselves from their competitors. It was clear that people were valued Employer of choice is something of a buzz-phrase that gets used quite a lot, but genuinely it was something that was believed by the people that set up the business here. They wanted to set up a professional business, with good careers and career opportunities. Escape were trying to create an environment where yes, sales were important. customer service was important, but also the work-life balance was also valued as were the people within the business."

Escape Recruitment have been IIP accredited since 2002 They have used the IIP framework and accreditation to underpin their culture of people development Have implemented a valued led culture that has contributed to business expansion and growth
Ann-Marie "I believe that having IIP helps us as we work with a lot of blue chip companies who absolutely have a values led culture, and what happened is that it started with IIP and then led on to a number of things including the introduction of a values led culture which is exactly what we have now. And these organisations, they want to work with other values driven organisations. Just recently we've been tendering for a piece of business and the team were very interested in IIP, the development of people, and the development of a values led culture, that's what they were basing their decision on who they wanted to work with.

"IIP will continue to be central to what we're trying to do with the organisation. As a business we'll be looking to take things to the next level. IIP has helped us to create a learning culture within the organisation, as well as being at the forefront on thought leadership on leadership and management so it's great just to double check that what we're actually doing is correct. and that we're doing it in the right way. I would continue to see IIP as central to what we're wanting to achieve. And yes, although there has been a competitive advantage in that. it's actually been a lot more about the people within our organisation being developed and motivated, properly ready to go out into the marketplace on our behalf and be our brand ambassadors."

Mark "In the six years that I've been here, I've seen people grow both as employees and as people. There's quite a lot of young people within the industry and people who come in with no previous experience within the industry so they clearly take a while to get up to speed A lot of our training is not just about the job, or the skills required to do the job, there's a lot about softer skills. I can recollect where people were in my mind and it's great to see them develop into all round people as well as employees. I don't know if that's necessarily been deliberate on our part, but it's certainly been a welcome by-product.

"A happy motivated workforce will add to the bottom line and staff retention will add to the bottom line. Sometimes you have to consider putting out cold hard cash as an investment. but you get it back in return the length of commitment of your staff."

Ann-Marie "What this has led to, and it all began with IIP, 12 years ago, is our establishment of a recruitment academy. We thought that with the investment we were making in our people, if we could get them as trainees. impart to them all the knowledge we have and develop their skills. we would be in a really good place."

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