East Kilbride Housing Association

Following a successful Investors in People accreditation in 2017, East Kilbride Housing Association (EKHA) expressed an interest in being an early adopter of Intent-Based Leadership (IBL).

As an organisation, EKHA were keen to think long term and create a legacy that captures the cultural change towards a leader-leader model where leadership becomes everyone’s responsibility. 

Within the organisation there was an appetite to build a common understanding of the new role of leadership and the management team were willing advocates.

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Intent-Based Leadership in practice

Remarkable has matched the innovation of global thought leader David Marquet’s IBL approach to develop an innovative delivery method. Remarkable translates the Intent-Based Leadership principles from book to workplace. Remarkable worked with EKHA to understand the opportunities and involvement that were likely to arise through this programme and developed two IBL interventions:

In August 2017, an IBL Sonar diagnostic was carried out. The output of this review was a detailed report of the operating culture within EKHA, alignment to the IBL principles and the impact on performance from which the detail of the development programme was refined prior to full roll out across the organisation. The recommendations also helped to inform a bespoke Act Your Way workshop.

The Sonar survey was followed up with a series of Act Your Way workshops to include an overview of IBL, what is leadership, IBL principles and mechanisms including the 3 C’s – Control Competence and Clarity, interactive exercises on the language of leadership, giving up control and opening up conversations. The series of Act Your Way workshops created the environment where IBL could be introduced, practiced and adopted in order to achieve excellence through emancipating employees and giving them more control of their work; for example, problem solving, giving insight and ideas, proposing solutions, decision-making on the job, innovating, learning from doing and experimenting in a safe environment.

Early outputs were:

“Now the Intent-Based Leadership practices are being cascaded downwards it feels like a very productive and forward thinking organisation”
- Andy Young, Chief Executive, East Kilbride Housing Association

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