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Alba Facilities maintain premises for clients in the mechanical and electrical engineering fields.  The firm is IIP accredited but also used Remarkable's consultancy services to restructure the business and improve return on investment (ROI).
Operating since 2003. Alba Facilities maintain premises for clients working their mechanical and electrical systems, which allows their clients to focus on their core business. “We’re trying to bring the staff up from a small business mentality to becoming more professional.” says Chief Executive, Ian McCall.

Alba became Investors in People Accredited in 2009. “When we came up for re-accreditation however, the business was expanding so rapidly, we didn’t have the opportunity to write everything down but we also knew that training spend was not being correctly targeted and appraisals just weren’t being done, so we thought rather than being re-appraised, come and help us tidy this up.” Ian explains.

As such they have now been working on a regular basis with a Remarkable Specialist, isolating areas for improvement and focusing on them in a structured way that has assisted Ian and Alba Facilities in meeting its goals.
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The essential part was getting the team to work better, work smarter and understand their roles better Ian McCall, Chief Executive
“The first focus for us and our Specialist was to give the engineering team a better understanding that they were customer focused individuals and what they were saying and how they were being perceived by the clients was important to the overall running of the business. That was the essential part in the first stage, getting them to work better, work smarter and understand their roles better, so we compiled role profiles and competency frameworks and that’s now feeding into the appraisal system.

“That side of things has all been really good and after that our Specialist has also helped to better structure our staff meetings and we’re now working with the contracts management team to try and get them to improve their communications and improve the way they work to help with time management.

Have been IIP Accredited but have found most value working on a consultancy basis with IIP Have been operating for 10 years, employing 35 members of staff and are continuing to expand IIP Specialist has worked with the Engineering and Contracts team as well as re-designing meeting structures
“Our Monday morning meetings, was a wasted opportunity for us to spend time with the staff and communicate with them, so now our Specialist has got it structured, telling us to ensure that all the guys are in for 8am, which wasn’t happening previously. So now we’ve got it structured and we do a Toolbox Talk on a Monday morning, gather their paperwork, give them a chance to speak to the contracts managers and look at our weeks planning which is up on the projector also.”

Ian continues that by working closely with their Specialist they have been able to tease out what their role profiles should include.

“We’ve always spent a lot of money on training courses and by doing appraisals properly now it’s focusing the spend on the right areas, and not purchasing things that are of no use to us. We’re now not having such a reliance on outside agencies.”

“Our Specialist is absolutely brilliant. Her whole attitude just fits in perfectly with the business. She did some presentations for us at one of the engineering meetings and the engineers could certainly see the benefit,

“We don’t see this as ever coming to an end, this process with our Specialist. We want that ongoing consultancy on a regular basis helping us. Everything is now so much more structured, more streamlined and with that comes a much better return on investment.

“At the moment, I don’t see an end to what our Specialist is doing. I firmly believe that when we finish this, there’ll be another thing, and then another thing, and then we might well end up back at the beginning. I don’t really want it to end, because the benefit has been phenomenal.. That external person coming in from the outside and saying ‘yes, I agree with you on that, but not so much here’ as it can be difficult to see the woods from the trees, it’s invaluable.”

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