25/09/19, Stuart Pownall

Welcome Stuart our new Business Development Executive

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Note from the editor: We are excited to welcome our new Business Development Executive Stuart Pownall! He will be looking after Intent-Based Leadership for us and hopefully will be out and about soon meeting some of you for a chat. Please give him a warm welcome and feel free to contact him. We asked him to write about his first week and what he is looking forward to about being part of the Remarkable team.

Back in 2017, a research poll found that “Only 11% of people in the UK feel actively engaged in their role.”

What that means is, 89% of people in the UK are not currently engaged in their role. That’s a huge number, and the effects of this disengagement are; low morale, low productivity, low motivation, and high turnover.

Fortunately, I’m one of the 11%

I’ve just started my second week working for Remarkable. The welcome has been amazing, getting the opportunity to meet on a one to one basis with my new colleagues, finding out about their roles and how our day to day duties impact on each other.

It’s an open and inclusive culture and it's exactly this openness and role clarity which makes the Remarkable team so successful. Feeling confident to ask a question in a safe environment encourages learning and skill development meaning we all perform better in the long run.

It’s no surprise from an organisation which delivers Investors in People and Investors in Young People accreditations across Scotland with a vision to help 1 million people become leaders by redefining what leadership is.

I’m involved in Intent-Based Leadership, for which Remarkable is the exclusive delivery partner in the UK and ROI and this is a practice I'm very passionate about. In the most recent 2019 survey employees identified ‘Bad Management’ and ‘Inefficient systems and procedures’ as the biggest barriers to productivity (23% and 18% respectively). The Intent-Based Leadership approach of ‘Pushing authority to information’ helps alleviate these issues. Changing workplace cultures to create a safe environment, reducing stress and encouraging faster, better-informed decision making.

Having leaders at all levels of your organisation increases engagement raises morale, improves productivity, increases motivation and lowers turnover.

Be like me – Be one of the 11%

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