13/07/17, Peter Russian

We’ve unveiled the new name of our organisation

Remarkable, New home of IIP Scotland, leadership, authority

It’s striking. It’s worthy of attention. It’s Remarkable.

What is Remarkable?

Here at Remarkable, we make a marked difference to organisations, we offer marks of quality and we help give them the tools to make their people the best they can possibly be. The word remarkable speaks of our ambition – we believe everyone has the potential to be remarkable. We have a passion for people, helping them learn and ultimately helping them and their organisations succeed.

Remarkable builds on the huge success of Investors in People, which has helped to change the way organisations develop their people over the last 26 years, here in Scotland. It will also be the home for Investors in Young People – a good practice framework – from which over 600 organisations have benefitted.

What’s changed?

Remarkable builds on the strong partnerships we’ve developed over the years with The Scottish Government, Skills Development Scotland and the Investors in People Community Interest Company. It brings together the latest thinking and expertise on how organisations develop and empower their people.

The internationally recognised Investors in People accreditation and Investors in Young People will remain our flagship services, complemented by the rollout of some exciting new services later this year.

More to come

Remarkable has signed an exclusive deal with David Marquet, the best-selling author of Turn the Ship Around. 

David’s YouTube animation What is leadership? has been seen more than a million times. He’s chosen us at Remarkable because we have an outstanding track record of business impact and meeting customer needs. 

Our refreshed organisation will also give employers access to new services, from supporting board development to developing innovative and inclusive teams.

What we’ve created is a brand that has the power to capture the imagination and aspiration of organisations across Scotland – and beyond.

Are you ready to #MakeItRemarkable?

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