Blog | Walk This May

At the beginning of May the team at Remarkable agreed that, to boost our physical and mental health, we would all embark on Walk This May but with a twist.

The traditional approach is to count your walking, running, cycling miles and see how far collectively, we can travel. Our twist came in the form of our passions. It didn’t always have to be an active, physical contribution. If you spent some time doing something that aids your mental health, reading, learning new things, meditating, or baking, then we would convert this time into miles and add it to the pot.

It’s not as easy at is sounds, I for one struggle to balance my day between getting the children up and out to school, working in my home office, picking the kids up from school, working some more, cooking dinner and putting the children to bed. There is barely time for me to think let alone find time to take care of my mental and physical health. And that’s the point isn’t it. By making our version of Walk This May different we are encouraging a switch off for even the busiest of our colleagues.

Starting in our office location of Edinburgh we decided to tour the UK. By the end of May we had crossed the channel into Europe and we were all having so much fun we decided just to keep going.

Whilst the benefits can seem obvious, and many reports and papers have already highlighted the connection between physical activity and mental health. It isn’t always possible to participate in these activities, especially during lockdowns. The combined effects of becoming sedentary, house-bound, unable to meet with and chat to friends and family in person create a cycle that can lead to less enthusiasm to get up and exercise. So it was important to us to encourage activities that made us feel good regardless.  And it worked, we’re feeling so good that were planning to (virtually) visit as many capital cities as we can before the end of June.

And who knows. We might not stop then either.

We will update this blog as we progress so keep coming back.

The Remarkable Team began their virtual journey in Edinburgh First reaching Newcastle we stomped on to London Now in Brussels we're heading for Paris and have covered 600 miles to date