17/08/18, Morgan Ingram

The world of work: a young person's perspective

We were delighted to recently welcome Morgan to Remarkable HQ for his month long placement, which he completed as part of the Career Ready programme.

During his time with us, we asked him his perspective on the world of work, including how organisations can make themselves more attractive to young people and how they can successfully support their transition from education to work. Here's what he had to say... 

What do you think young people bring to an organisation?

“Young people bring a massive variety of skills to a workplace alongside new and exciting bundles of ideas that could really change and contribute to businesses to make them better. They have a lot of enthusiasm and therefore bring a lot of energy to the workplace. As young people nowadays have been brought up with technology they will be very up to date with it and will bring a lot of digital knowledge. This is very helpful if there is something wrong with a piece of equipment; and if a team member needs help with social media, young people can easily help."

What are the biggest challenges facing young people as they transition from education to work?

“Young people face a lot of challenges when making the transition from education to work. They might have so many options they don’t know what to do; for example, college, university, work. On the other hand they could also feel there aren’t enough options. Young people often compete with more experienced workers when applying for jobs and can feel that businesses often look for people with existing skills. Some employers don’t think about the future of the workforce and employ people that can help the business straight away instead of teaching young people and helping them gradually learn. Young people might also find it tricky to initially get into the 9-5 routine having been used to school hours – it takes a bit of getting used to!”

What does your ideal employer look like?

“An ideal employer is somewhere that will help me develop my skills for future working and somewhere that is flexible. They would give specific training to help me get an idea of the work that is expected and would involve me in all kinds of tasks, despite my age. They would have a friendly and welcoming culture so I felt comfortable when I was getting to know everyone and beginning my work. They would give me tasks that are relative to my skills and if not, train and support me to do them.”

At Remarkable, we currently have funding available to support organisations to successfully employ, train and retain young people. Could yours be one of them?

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