11/03/20, Cate Nelson Shaw

The NEW! Leadership plays: 3. Commit, don't comply

Intent-Based Leadership, leadership, David Marquet

Collaboration sets us up for commitment. Coercion results in compliance.

Commitment is better than compliance because it releases discretionary effort in people. For complex, cognitive, custom teamwork, discretionary effort is everything.

Just as teams in redwork will have a tendency to stay in red-work, teams in bluework will have a tendency to stay in blue-work. That transition point is when we run the commit play.

At the same time, we need to inoculate ourselves against escalation of commitment, where we tend to attach ourselves to past decisions and continue to invest in a losing course of action.

The three ways for executing the commit play are designed to minimise barriers to action and inoculate our organisation against escalation of commitment.

Commitment comes from within; compliance is imposed externally. Commitment is linked to intrinsic motivation, whereas compliance is linked to extrinsic motivation.

Following commit we can immerse ourselves in the redwork until we complete the next period of redwork, which is our next play.

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