27/02/20, Cate Nelson Shaw

The NEW! Leadership Plays: 1. Control the clock

Intent-Based Leadership, leadership, David Marquet

Control the clock is the start of the cycle. Control the clock is when we exit redwork and shift to bluework. The industrial Age has programmed us to obey the clock, which tends to keep us in redwork, feeling the stress of time pressure.                                                    

Controlling the clock is about the power of pause; the power of our ability to control the clock, rather than obeying the clock; being mindful and deliberate with our actions; and broadening our perspectives.

Teams in redwork want to continue in redwork. Since people who are engaged in redwork often have a performance (prove or protect) mindset, it is difficult for them to call time-out on themselves. Because they want to get things done and are penalised for any delays, they do not want to be the source of interruptions to the work. This responsibility lies with the leader.

The team relies on the leader either to preplan the length of the redwork and the moment of exciting redwork and to spontaneously call a time-out during a redwork period, in essence, an audible when needed.

Historically, the fundamental reason bosses needed to coerce teams was because the boss decided what the team needed to do. The deciders and the doers are different people in Industrial Age organisations.

Controlling the clock sets us up to collaborate.

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