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Effective Leadership for the 21st Century

Today’s senior executives are facing increasingly complex challenges. Issues such as precise execution, fostering team work and enabling talent have all become key competitive advantages.

How can today’s leaders keep ahead and adapt their styles and take advantage of this constantly shifting landscape? 

Well, Intent-Based Leadership is a new, unique and fast-paced leader-leader development philosophy – a shift from the traditional leader-follower philosophy – that provides solutions to our 21st century challenges.


When their captain quit, David Marquet was put in charge of the USS Santa Fe – the worst performing submarine in the entire US Navy fleet.

David already had a passion for leadership. And when he noticed the crew would do anything he said (regardless or whether it was right or wrong), he decided to turn them all into leaders. That’s when Intent-Based Leadership (IBL) was born. 


Soon, the USS Santa Fe submarine went from “worst to first”, achieving the highest retention and operational standings in the Navy –  two objectives we can absolutely relate to.

“The most empowering organisation I’ve ever seen.” – Stephen R. Covey about Santa Fe

Intent-Based Leadership helps people clearly see their worth and their potential and inspires them to see this for themselves. It creates spaces where everyone takes responsibility, where everyone enjoys the fulfilment this brings and where everyone impacts the bottom line.

Turn the Ship Around!

In 2009, David retired from the US Navy and wrote the groundbreaking book – Turn the Ship Around! A true story of turning followers into leaders.

“The best how-to manual anywhere for managers on delegating, training, and driving flawless execution.” – Fortune magazine about Marquet’s book

From book to workplace

We’ve formed an exclusive delivery partnership with David Marquet to bring IBL to businesses in the UK and Ireland. You can now benefit from four different approaches to the model, all of which empower people at every level of your organisation – increasing your company’s productivity.

“The best how-to manual anywhere for managers on delegating, training, and driving flawless execution.” – Fortune magazine about Marquet’s book

The four Intent-Based Leadership approaches:

  1. IBL Sonar – a diagnostic exploration of the operating environment to identify and analyse the barriers and enablers to applying the principles of Intent-Based Leadership and how much clarity, competence and control people have in the organisation. This is carried out through conversations, observations and an online survey. 
  2. Acting the IBL Way – provides leaders and managers with the tools to start implementing Intent-Based Leadership and helps teams to understand the opportunities and involvement that an Intent-Based Leadership environment brings. It is carried out through one-to-ones, modules, self-learning and facilitated sessions tailored to your organisation. 
  3. IBL Leader-Leader Chain – a unique, practical and strategic activity to develop and create leaders at every level. This cultural intervention involves people at all levels of the decision-making; working to understand and overcome leadership behaviours, expectations, established norms and environmental restraints which restrict the decision making process. 
  4. IBL Live! – learn in real time on the job, with live feedback and coaching to help your employees to embrace Intent-Based Leadership and become leaders.

What Intent-Based Leadership can do for your organisation

What IBL can do for your organisation

How do I find out more?

To find out how you can develop your leadership style into a new agile, responsive and coherent approach and create a culture in which people are trusted and enabled to be involved in decision making by experiencing the Intent-Based Leadership revolution, call or email Kirstie Armsworth: 0131 625 0155 | kirstie.armsworth@thisisremarkable.com 

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