06/11/19, Cate Nelson Shaw

#StressAwarenessWeek: Looking after our wellbeing

Looking after our own wellbeing. It’s something we are all too aware we should each be thinking about; but how many of us, hand on heart, create the time and the space to do this for ourselves? Life is busy, with competing demands of many sorts; and of course once you throw technology into the mix, well, life can often become a little overwhelming. So this #StressAwarenessWeek sit back, relax and read on to find out how we can look after our wellbeing.

Creating healthy, positive workplaces and promoting good wellbeing benefits both individuals and organisations, helping people flourish, become more engaged and perform to the best of their abilities. The Office for National Statistics Personal and economic well-being in the UK: August 2019 has found that while people in the UK reported slightly higher happiness ratings on average, about 4.2 million people continued to report “low” levels of happiness in the year ending March 2019. And additional recent research* has also found that more than a third of UK workers have considered leaving their job because of stress.

And from an employers’ perspective, the Health and Safety Executive's statistics for 2017/18 indicate there were 0.6 million cases of work-related stress, anxiety or depression, accounting for 44% of all the cases of work-related ill health in Britain. In total 1.4 million working people suffered from work-related ill health in 2017/18. And the causes of work-related stress, depression or anxiety? The HSE cites workload pressures, including tight deadlines and a lack of managerial support were suffered by 44% of all cases, 13% cited bullying and 8% organisational change.

And the results of this? The HSE Labour Force Survey estimates that 15.4 million working days were lost to work-related stress, depression or anxiety in 2017/18 with an average of 25.8 days lost per case - in total, 57% of all working days lost to ill health were due to stress and anxiety.

Apologies, we promised an uplifting read. Please do not despair, read on, there are ways in which organisations can help their people be comfortable, healthy and happy:

And what small changes can we make as individuals to help with our own wellbeing?

*Investors in People, research for Stress Awareness Week 2019

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