My journey began after completing a summer internship at Remarkable. It was after then I that realised work-based learning was for me. However, I was unaware how I was going to turn that into a reality for myself at my age. I saw no way into work at 17 years old apart from temporary internships which didn’t last longer than a few weeks to a month. Although internships are still beneficial, I needed something more permanent so I could really thrive and have time for self-development.

The job title for Team Administrator at Remarkable came up while I was studying an HNC at Edinburgh college. I knew I had to seize the opportunity immediately, I simply could not pass it by and wonder what could have happened if I had tried. It was my mentor who I met through the Career Ready program who brought job opening to my attention.

Fortunately, I was successful in the process. I am now working full time at Remarkable completing a Modern Apprenticeship in Business Administration. If it wasn’t for my mentor I would not be in as good as a position as I’m in now with work and study. There is certainly an everlasting feeling of accomplishment while being at work, knowing every day I am doing more and more to achieve my qualification while constantly learning and improving.

Work-based learning enables me to develop and improve skills mainly being my confidence, my networking and people skills and effective communication. I feel everyone around me at Remarkable inspires me in a different way. From their work ethic, to their back stories and career paths to where they are in their career at present. My classroom is filled with professionals who I can learn from, as well as the lessons along the way. Work based learning has opened new doors to further knowledge of the workplace. There is only so much you can learn in a classroom, but when it is turned into a real-life affair, it’s a whole new experience.

In my eyes, an apprentice creates a potential highly skilled future employee, a young mind adds to the existing talent pool. As an apprentice at Remarkable, it is inspiring, knowing that I enable these amazing people to do their jobs and make life that bit easier for them. I feel valued and as if I contribute by bringing an eager, curious mindset with distinctive new ideas to the table. My apprenticeship really has set me up for the future I desire.


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