15/04/20, Kate Carmichael

Rethinking your 'How' - Guest Blog: Kate Carmichael

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I’ve got a problem that may sound familiar: I have a full-day workshop to deliver to a client. It’s just the beginning of a broader programme and I’m loathed to delay it until this is all over, because when will that be? 

A colleague shared a video of Simon Sinek speaking with his own team recently.  To paraphrase, the impact of this pandemic isn’t “unprecedented” except in scale and speed.  Throughout history, changes have occurred that have threatened our way of doing things.  Those that rise to the challenge survive and even thrive.

"if you’re waiting until this is all over so you can get back to work, think again."

Those “unable” to change won’t.  Later in the conversation, he talks about being clear on your “WHY” and then rethinking your “HOW.”  Bringing this back to my own dilemma, if you’re waiting until this is all over so you can get back to work, think again. I’m delighted that my client wants to proceed.  I’ve got a good platform that the client’s familiar with and that should mimic virtually what I would do “normally” in a workshop.  Delivering a full-day session is quite intense for everyone but needs must when you’re traveling and have to keep costs down.  Doing it virtually means that’s no problem!  So, I’ve changed the event into bite-sized sessions across two weeks.  That brings another benefit: now the participants can practice the techniques and ideas I’ll be sharing.  At the start of sessions, we can hear what people have tried and what’s happened as a result.  In real-time, I can see the impact and adapt.

What I’m particularly excited about is using virtual breakout rooms. I need to make it easy for participants to discuss, reflect, practice and play with the concepts using their real-life challenges and context.  I also need to give people the opportunity to challenge and voice their thinking.

I’ve got some learning in front of me to make sure I’m ready.  I’ll miss the face-to-face contact and will never underestimate the power of chance meetings in the hallway.  But I’m also seeing real warmth, social connection and trust playing out in this virtual world.  We seem to have our guard down a bit more, helped by having unexpected visits from pets and children and glimpses into people’s lives. That feels like a real gift.

I still have my WHY and I’ve got an alternative HOW! 

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