03/10/19, Bonnie Clarke

Remarkable Reflections - Intent-Based Leadership 2019

Intent-Based Leadership, reflect

Its’s always a pleasure to have David Marquet, the founder of The Intent-Based Leadership Institute visit Edinburgh. David and I were delighted to spend time talking with senior executives and influencers from across Scotland and the UK at an event organised in partnership between Remarkable – the exclusive delivery partner of Intent-Based Leadership in the UK and Republic of Ireland – and leading Scottish law firm Anderson Strathern 

David’s keynote led us to explore how we can create a culture in our organisations where leadership for everyone, not just for the few at the top; that everyone - no matter their age or stage - has the capability to become a leader.  

And this is the philosophy of Intent-Based Leadership - helping everyone clearly see their worth and their potential and inspiring them to see these things for themselves. It’s about creating spaces where everyone takes responsibility, where everyone enjoys the fulfilment this brings and where everyone impacts the bottom line; imagine being part of an organisation with that culture.   

I sensed great energy and passion from the people I talked with after the event and the many lightbulb moments sparking as David explained his Intent-Based Leadership story; and of course, that story could be yours too.  

Leadership really can be as simple as embracing the diversity of thought in all its forms and using it as a positive gift for those around us. No one likes to be ordered to be something they aren’t, no one likes to feel as though they don’t have a voice or an opinion that matters, no one wants to work in a stressful environment that affects their mental health. Strong leaders treat people the way they want to be treated. 

Scotland is full of insightful, enterprising strong leaders breaking new ground and leading the way from housing associations to public bodies and everything in between. It’s a truly inspiring place to be. And as David’s plane took off, I was already looking forward to exploring ways we can help bring IBL to our clients across Scotland and the UK 

Please do get in touch if you would like more information on Intent-Based Leadership and how Remarkable can help with culture and organisational change with people at the heart. 

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