31/03/20, Stuart

Remarkable Kindnesses


There have been several weeks of upsetting scenes in the news recently. Empty supermarket shelves, fights over toilet rolls and a whole raft of selfish behaviours on display across the whole of the United Kingdom.

In the midst of all of this however, there have been some incredible moments of selflessness, support, and genuine kindness. Here’s a couple of examples of our own personal experiences of #RemarkableKindnesses

A number of us have set up WhatsApp groups amongst our neighbours. Households with diversely different dynamics, cultures and priorities have all come together to offer support, help, reassurance, and fun.

We’re sharing our stories, keeping each other entertained and looking forward to properly meeting each other once we’re allowed to. For many years some of us have done nothing more than wave at our neighbours and only now that we cannot meet them in person are they becoming friends.

"We are beginning to see what’s possible and this could change the way we do business in the future."

We’re all still getting used to the technologies available to us. As an organisation we have been using Microsoft Teams for a long time. However, we have never really used it to its full extent. We are beginning to see what’s possible and this could change the way we do business in the future. Now that our children are no longer in school, some of us are teaching them how to use this technology to stay in touch with their relatives and friends, finding interesting and innovative new ways to maintain social interactions.

One member of our team told us about the café at his local church who, just before the lockdown, was making up soup and sandwich lunch packages for the local community – free of charge for those in need and with the option to donate if people are able.

And another uplifting story from the Remarkable team: so that her elderly neighbours didn’t have to leave their homes to make their purchases from the local Friday fish van she is taking their orders via text and then no-contact-delivering them. And as well as this, working from home one evening last week she heard music and went to the window to discover a neighbour playing uplifting tunes on his trumpet! Afterwards, the whole street cheered, applauded and requested a weekly serenade.    

These are the personal kindnesses, and we have seen some professional ones too from our team.

Many clients have already expressed their gratitude for our understanding and flexibility towards them during these unprecedented times. We have successfully adapted much of our work to become remote and virtual and we are continuing to provide diagnostics, reviews, reporting, coaching, consulting and Skills For Growth projects. Many clients now find themselves with a remote workforce and the level of digital interaction, communication and contact is exceptional yet highly effective.


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