27/08/19, Karen White

One Tree Planted

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To complement our #SpotlightOnRenewables Remarkable is delighted to announce a partnership with One Tree Planted, a global Not For Profit organisation planting trees reforesting for the benefit of our planet

Reforestation is an effective mitigation strategy in the global fight against climate change. Not only do the trees themselves reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, they protect terrestrial animal species by rebuilding their habitats and are also key ingredients in may of our common medicines, such as aspirin.  

As we know, climate change is one of our planet’s biggest challenges; for individuals, for our local communities, for our civil societies, for our national governments and for our international agencies. And it is now undeniable that since the Industrial Revolution human activity has been the dominant cause of global warming. So reforestation is now more important than ever.  6 pillars of reforestation

So here’s how Remarkable is contributing: for every download of our #SpotlightOnRenewables publication, we will plant one tree on your behalf. And if you have already downloaded our publication, we have included your download towards the number of trees planted.  

One Tree Planted says,

“We believe that businesses can be advocates for sustainability. Through one-for-one relationships, CSR engagement, and direct project funding, we partner with businesses of all sizes in order to get more trees in the ground. By supporting tree-planting, businesses show that they are leaders in creating a healthier world in which humanity, nature, and wildlife can thrive”. 


Download our publication and plant your tree now!

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