09/10/19, Cate Nelson Shaw

Now is the time to invest in your people

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In these uncertain times, there is one thing we can all be sure of – disruption. Be that economic, social, environmental or cultural. Or to put it another way, VUCA – a time that is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. Here in the UK, political upheaval, Brexit, our response to climate change are all influencing the way we live and the ways in which we work. For a business, this means planning for a sustainable and profitable future despite these market conditions around their one certain constant – their people.

In our lifetimes we will spend on average 80,000 hours at work. That is a long time! And it is also a challenge – a challenge to ensure that as many of these hours as possible are fulfilling, meaningful and enjoyable. That they are better, 80,000 times better.

How? By inspirational leadership, by creating a supportive workplace and by committing to continuous improvement. All of these things are the bedrock of a workplace made better filled with happy, healthy people.

Hands up who wouldn’t want to work for and be in a position to shape such an organisation? Very few. And when would you like to begin this journey, do you fancy putting it off and running the risk of a disengaged, unproductive, unhappy workforce? Of course not.

Now. Now is the time to take up the challenge, to give everyone the tools they need to succeed, to build a happy, healthy workforce and to make your business sustainable and profitable. This is the answer to the 80,000 dollar question.

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