20/06/19, Cate Nelson-Shaw

Happily ever after: How can I provide a happier, healthier workplace?

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We spend so many hours at work, it’s got to be fulfilling and meaningful…yes? Of course! So what can organisations do to give their people good quality jobs, to manage their people well and to provide happier, healthier workplaces? Here are just a few of our suggestions…

Create spaces where people can work away from their desks…quiet spaces, communal spaces, no tech spaces, standing desks…all these things add variety and suit people’s various ways of working.

Make sure you have a clear performance management process that aligns an individuals’ success to the success of the organisation; and of course the ensuing reward and recognition, however, you choose to do that.

Get fresh perspectives from external stakeholders, customers, and suppliers. They will want your business to thrive too and will have insights that you might not have seen from an internal perspective.

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The self we bring to work is only one part of who we are which offers two approaches: firstly encourage employees to draw upon the things they have learned out with work – teamwork, leadership, multi-tasking, dealing with tricky people…we all have other skills we can bring to our working lives.

And secondly, flexibility. Remember, work is a thing you do, not necessarily a place you go, unless of course, you have people in manufacturing, or labs, hospitality. However, there are ways to offer flexible working in these circumstances…

Diverse teams discourage groupthink and foster innovation and creativity – embrace the outliers and use the diverse experience of your team to create new and exciting ways of working.

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