“Imagine a workplace where everyone’s engaged. Where they contribute their full intellectual capacity. A place where people are healthier and happier because they have more control over their work. A place where everyone is a leader.
– David Marquet, Intent-Based Leadership pioneer and author

What is Intent-Based Leadership?

Intent-Based Leadership (IBL) empowers everyone in your organisation to act like a leader, no matter their level. It encourages them to develop their skills and experience, clarifying their purpose and giving them the control they need to continuously perform at their best.

Where did it come from?

When their captain quit, David Marquet was put in charge of the USS Santa Fe – the worst performing submarine in the fleet. With a passion for leadership, he honed in his IBL formula and treated his crew like leaders. Soon, the submarine went from “worst to first” – achieving the highest retention and operational standings in the Navy.

We’ve formed an exclusive partnership with David to bring this successful model to businesses across the UK and Ireland.

Let’s break it down

There are six principles of IBL:

  1. Don’t be good, get better
  2. Leaders make it safe, not add stress
  3. Push authority to information, not information to authority
  4. Tune control based on the level of competency and clarity
  5. Leaders fix the environment, not the people
  6. Act your way to new thinking, now think your way to new action

What can it do for my business?

We’re the only organisation in the whole of the UK and Ireland who can deliver this model. We offer four approaches to IBL, all tailored to your business – IBL Sonar, IBL Live!, Acting the IBL Way and IBL Leader-Leader Chain. Each approach ends with the same thing – improved over-all business performance with a team of leaders at all level.

How do I find out more?

You can chat to us about Intent-Based Leadership by calling 0131 625 0155 or emailing enquiries@thisisremarkable.

Don’t forget to follow us @be_remarkable and join in the conversation using #MakeItRemarkable #LeadersAtAllLevels

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