21/02/18, Peter Russian

Don't Be Good, Get Better

Intent-Based Leadership: In Principle 

This series looks in more detail at one of the 6 principles of Intent-Based Leadership starting with Don’t Be Good, Get Better.

The recent Future of Cities report on the future of employment across the UK generated some eye watering headlines about how 1 in 3 jobs in some areas will be replaced by robots in the next ten years and there is an inescapable trend of automation and digitization which will have a profound impact on the way we work and the way organisations lead their people.

So jobs which are about being good – completing tasks and following processes with minimal variation – are being increasingly automated; and what organisations increasingly need is roles which are about being better – improving, innovating, changing and responding. 

In a world where customers have a wider choice and a louder voice, the challenge isn’t just to be good, it is to be better, and to be better we need more people in jobs where people have the autonomy to think not just do their jobs.

The idea of Red Work v Blue Work aligns to the IBL principle Don’t be Good Get Better.  It’s important to emphasise that Red Work is not bad work – most organisations need Red Work – the day to day processes and operations delivered at consistently good quality; but Blue Work is about understanding how to be better.

IBL red work/ blue work

We know that our economy can’t and shouldn’t be competing by forcing labour costs down but by innovation and differentiation.  When we think about innovation we are inevitably drawn to the importance of research and development and breakthroughs and that’s a vital part of our future.  But innovation doesn’t just come from the Research and Development team, it can come from every day work, encouraging people to try different ideas, getting the perspective of people closest to the work – often the real experts.  If we only ever invite and value compliance we’ll struggle to get people to think differently.

How far do your processes and procedures encourage good or better work?

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