13/12/18, Cate Nelson-Shaw

Diversification and growth: anything is possible

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Over and over again organisations say that the biggest challenge they face is that of leadership and people management. So why is it still such a surprise to see lack of innovation and creative thinking in leadership and management orthodoxies and structures? More Of The Same is just, well, more of the same. We need to think and act differently, break down the barriers that stifle innovation and creative thinking, achieve personal and organisational effectiveness and create new business models that are fit for purpose. Neo-Enlightenment for the 21st century.

To be truly effective this has to be applicable and relevant for everyone, no matter their age, stage, social background or employment. So to borrow a concept from Zen Buddhism, the encouragement of a “Beginner’s Mind”, a mind in which anything is possible, a mind ready for new things.  Achieving this mindset take works though. And commitment. Unless of course you are an infant or toddler in which case this is the mindset into which you were born. For those of us a little older however, we need to try a little harder. So here’s a thing…

Three words. All beginning with C. Clarity. Competency. Control. Three sides of a triangle and each as important as the other.

Clarity means developing, implementing and effectively communicating a really clear sense of organisational purpose to everyone – from the CEO to those at the front line interacting with customers on a daily basis.

Competency means ensuring everyone from those in glass offices to all those at the intersection with customers have the right skills to undertake their roles. This doesn’t mean perpetually remaining within a comfort zone, often this means encouraging people out of those to take on a challenge, to enhance and fine tune their skills, to learn and develop a little bit more. And it also means occasionally making mistakes because most often we learn more from those experiences than we do from all the positives.

Control. Give it. Don’t take it. But ensure people demonstrate the other two Cs before increasing it otherwise organisations will descend in chaos.

With this kind of continuous growth mindset ready for new things we believe anything is possible, although what follows may be a little controversial: we can choose to go beyond productivity as a measure for economic success. Defined as “the amount of output (goods and services) produced in an economy adjusted for the amount of labour (i.e. the number of workers or hours worked) used to produce that level of output”, productivity focuses solely on input/output statistics. What about the quality of those outputs, what makes them different from similar outputs from other economies, how innovative are they?

So let’s embrace the excitement of possibility and thus innovation, by creating businesses that thrive on giving their people those three little words – clarity, competency and control.

Remarkable sees leadership potential in everyone. For nearly 30 years we have changed the way organisations think about their people to enable individuals, teams and organisation becomes successful leaders. Intent-Based Leadership is a new and unique leadership philosophy whose value lies in fundamentally challenging hierarchical perceptions of leadership with the belief that everyone – not just those at the top – can become a leader. Focusing on live work challenges, Remarkable has developed the philosophy into a practical and immediate delivery mechanism. Overlaying this with an organisation’s specific, individual challenges, Intent-Based Leadership creates an environment where everyone has more control over their work, is happy, healthy, engaged and is fully contributing.

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