28/06/19, Robyn Collins

A Remarkable journey

My Remarkable month

Editors note: Robyn has been with us for the month of June through a Career Ready internship. She has been a joy to have and we will all be sad to see her go. Below is her account of the experience. 

While traveling to Haymarket for the first day of my Career Ready internship at Remarkable, there were one million thoughts running through my head. After the fear of being late slowly began to fade, the nerves of beginning such a different experience kicked in. Soon after that, I came to the realisation that unless I embraced my new surroundings, I would never fit in. I said to myself, ‘Be confident.’

As soon as I arrived, I was greeted with a warm welcome from everyone in the office, which immediately made me feel at ease. My first week flew by and the three that came after went even faster.

I was nervous that with only a month’s internship I wouldn’t contribute towards anything while I was there, and I was skeptical whether I would have been able to help anyone in the office, but I am very glad that I did. Being able to complete tasks for others in the office which initially made their job easier was the most enjoyable part for me.

I’ve worked on projects such as completing business modules to further my learning of the subject. I was also able to shadow consultants while they were carrying out assessments to familiarise myself with their work and expand my knowledge of Remarkable’s services. I was invited to participate in events hosted by Remarkable which I was able to contribute towards.

I was lucky to have an internship in an organisation related to what I would like to do when I am older. Completing the modules in ‘Excel In Business’ has improved my skills when using excel and I was able to learn about leadership, business writing, and business management. By completing these modules, I received certificates acknowledging my efforts.

Being at Remarkable has developed my confidence and expanded my knowledge of how a business operates. I was also able to get an insight into the different roles in business and now know the specific business sector I am interested in pursuing a career in.

In August, I will carry on with my education and begin my Business HNC at Edinburgh College. After my year at college, I will enter the second year of Edinburgh University. This internship has greatly contributed to my learning path and has motivated me to carry on studying business. Thank you for having me! #MakeItRemarkable

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