16/03/20, Bonnie Clarke

A message from Bonnie Clarke our CEO

#MakeItRemarkable, #RemarkableKindnesses

This is a time to show understanding and support to each other. As businesses we are all in the same boat, facing the same challenge and are under very similar pressures. We encourage you to prioritise supporting each other, to share best practise and to act with kindness at the core of everything we do.
Remarkable is carefully monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and want to reassure you we are actively taking steps to ensure the safety of our staff, our specialists, our clients and all of our stakeholders. 

We have robust business continuity plans in place for unforeseen events and our business is designed and is resilient to be able to withstand occurrences such as these with minimal impact. 

We are continuing to work to support businesses and the economy by using remote and virtual technology to deliver our services. We would like to reassure you that our operations are set up - and last week we have stress tested these operations - to withstand any disruptions to our business as a result of the Coronavirus. For example our entire staff and specialist team can work remotely and virtually to chat, meet, call, and collaborate through a variety of digital platforms. 

Additionally, we are following the Scottish Government's Workplace Advice contained in their Coronovirus guidance including measures and advice from Health Protection Scotland.
We understand the rapidly evolving situation is causing uncertainty and we are encouraging all those with whom we work to put their health and wellbeing first so that we can continue to operate effectively and help prevent the spread of disease. 

We will be in touch with regular updates as the situation unfolds and in the meantime wish you all well. 

Very best wishes, 
Bonnie Clarke

CEO, Remarkable
e. bonnie.clarke@thisisremarkable.com
t. 0131 625 0155

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