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3 Ways A Bad Organisational Culture Can Ruin Employee Motivation

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Adopting a domineering and condescending company culture ultimately weighs down the employees and ruins their motivation; such employees are likely to shift to a more friendly company as they pursue motivation and employee wellness.

Since all employees in a company are meant to abide and follow the corporate culture, they find it hard to air their concerns and seek reprieve from the company’s management.

A bad organisational culture results in the recording of losses since the employees lack motivation.

Here are 3 ways in which a bad organisational culture has the potential to dampen employees’ spirit:

The employees feel unwanted, unrecognised and lack a sense of ownership in the companyLet’s face it, the best way to achieve success in a company is by making each single employee in that company feel obligated to give their best and help build the company; this is one of the most workable strategies that has been used over the years to foster employee retention and increase the productivity of a company or organisation.

In instances where employees are looked down on by the management, they feel bored at work and they won’t hesitate to step out of the premises once their shift is over.

The employee turnover in such establishments is often alarming; the new replacements that come in are faced with similar challenges and their tenure in the company is only temporary as they explore new jobs that will come with a lot of motivation.

The management acts as its own authority and overshadows the HR departmentAre you ensuring your company is one of the best places to work? Draw distinct lines between the different departments that offer services in the company and organisation.

The division of tasks and responsibilities in organisations ensures that all the tasks are undertaken within the stipulated time and surmount to the estimated production rates.

The productivity tools are streamlined in order to achieve the desired objectives. When there is a conflict of interest however, the rate and quality of production is affected adversely; the employees lack motivation due to lack of engagement.

An organisational culture should thus allow for division of labour and the streamlining of the services offered in each department, more so the HR department which is tasked with taking care of the employee’s needs.

The HR department should also come up with team building activities in order to spike up the employee motivation and hopefully salvage any unsatisfactory situation.

The human resource department should also spearhead the employees’ life hacks and office hacks in order to motivate their spirits.

Failure to set achievable targets and the setting of unrealisable targetsCorporate wellness is ruined by the failure to formulate workable strategies that seek to improve service delivery, employee retention and foster employee motivation.

When the management fails to assure the employees of increased productivity through the strategies employed, the employees are left wondering whether their efforts will eventually pay off.

Employee motivation then ebbs, all courtesy of a bad organisational culture. The future of work in such an institution is uncertain and it is unsurprising when employees abandon such companies.

At all costs, avoid adopting a bad organisational culture; it just might bring your organisation tumbling down.

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